Tips and Tricks for Bargain Hunting!

Having grown fond of scouring the markets, shops, estate sales, and other open spaces for a good deal,  I have learned a few things. So I figured I could share some tips. Here are some things that I have learned throughout the years. Some  are things  I wished I had learned sooner rather than later. Still reminiscing on that blue, satin sofa I should have came back for!

    1. Be There Early! And Late…?
      1. Of course the best stuff will be available in the morning. Having first pick should definitely be a top priority. On the other hand, better sales will be available later in the day. Flea markets, estate sales, garage sales, and the like are all designed to sell unwanted stuff. When owners see a large surplus of items at the end of the day, they are much more likely to put it on discount and potentially more susceptible to bartering. Which brings us to my next point…
    2. Bartering 
      1. Bartering can be a good or a bad idea. It all depends on the seller, and if they’re open to negotiation or not. My guide is to always ask. You will never get a sale if you don’t try. Make a reasonable offer and don’t try to insult the items for a better price. Insulting items will usually get you a tough rebuttal from the current owner/seller. Some may even refuse to sell to you.
      2. Some people will place a ND for No Discount tag on items
    3. Get Out of a Big City
      1. In cities like New York or Brooklyn, the competition for antiques/thrifting is stiff. Instead of battling the city dwellers, go out to the country side to find new items. In smaller cities, the thrift communities are teeming with opportunities and new items to find. Bring your car so you can safely get home all your treasures!
      2. Do your research and keep an eye on what is going to be auctioned off at Estate Sales.
    4. Keep Trying and Keep Looking!
      1. Good deals are everywhere waiting to be found and the only way to find them is to keep looking! Some days, I find all the things I want and more. Other days, I spend hours roaming through inventories not finding anything I like. That is part of the fun! Regardless if I buy anything or not it’s always a treat to look through old treasures. I love thinking about where these objects have been and the lives these objects had before coming into contact with me. Hopefully imaginging an itemĀ“s backstory will help motivate you as you continue to persist in your bargain hunting!


Happy Hunting!!

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