Take Those Old Records off the Shelf…


Records. Oh Records. Such a delight to listen to the same band for hours in a pre decided order with durable technology. CDs scratch so easily and spotify can sometimes be overwhelming with options of sound and music. Did you know there was over 4 million vinyl records sold in the UK last year? Thank you bar karaoke for teaching me that one. Anyways, I went record hungtin this last weekened. Found this lil rock stand in Brooklyn and managed to scope out some amazing finds!



Queen because who can resist such classics as We are the Champions and Rock you? Plus didn’t Bohemian Rhapsody restore the Queen nostalgia? What a voice, what a talent, what a treasure.


This Simon and Garfunkel record my friend Dave bought me. I’ve been looking for their music for some time and I guess he snagged it right under my nose! So excited for this and a nod to NY. This concert dedicated all its proceeeds to Central Park which at the time was unkept. HBO was the network that agreed to show the concert on tv. So excited to sing along to me & julio, late in the evening, 50 ways to leave your lover, and the Boxer. Such magic music to dance and reminisce to!