The Supercar Dream…

Supercar is the opposite of slow travel. Supercars are all about speed, greed, shine and sureness; they are diesel-guzzling and very eye-catching. They are also eye-wateringly expensive, but drop-jaw attractive!

Bugatti Veyron ‘Vivere’ by Mansory

Being a superman in speed and a batman in terms of your cool driving machine are something every American male aspires to (if he doesn’t then he’s not American!). Smooth and slick, their painted bodies like those of supermodels, supercars are a dream made reality, a fantasy come to life.

Whether it’s Ferrari, Corvette, McLaren, or Ford, the origin country and nationality of these dream machines just doesn’t matter.

You drive a supercar, you drive a dream, essentially! They are the most ethereal and ephemeral made corporeal, corporate flesh. Whoever dreamed of cars, dreamed the beginning of the supercar… Long may they reign, and long may they rule!